Mild the Mist upon the Hill

By Emily Jane Bronte


  1. Mild the mist upon the hill: There is slight fog on the top of the mountain.
  2. Not of storms to-morrow: No foretell for any upcoming storm.
  3. The day has wept its fill: It has rained a lot throughout the day.
  4. Spent its shore of silent sorrow: Now the rain has stopped and the day is resting.
  5. Days of youth: Childhood days
  6. Neath: beneath means under.
  7. Father’s sheltering roof: under the charge or housing of father.
  8. This cloudy evening fall: the rainy day has come to an end with clouds in the sky.
  9. Blue mists: the mists are looking blue as the reflection of the sky falls on it.
  10. Pall: a thick cloud
  11. Sweet mists of summer pall: Thick fog of summer covers the mountain chain.
  12. The horizon’s mountain chain: the thick cloud can be seen over the distant series of mountain.
  13. The damp stands: heavy mud on the ground due to rain.
  14. As thick as morning tears: mud on the grass is compared to morning tears.
  15. Morning tears: dew on the grass.
  16. Dreamy scent of fragrance: The passing fragrance creates a dreamy atmosphere
  17. That breathe of other years: Brings the memories of childhood in the poet’s mind.

Substance of the poem:

In the poem, ‘Mild the mist upon the hill’, Emily Bronte strikingly defines the surrounding scenery as she watches on the cloudy evening. During her description of natural setting, she also remembers the days of her childhood.

            In the first stanza, the poet portrays that it had been raining all the day. Now the rain had stopped and there prevails mild mist over the distant mountain line and it indicates that there would be no storm next day.

In the second stanza, the poet states that after the heavy rain the day is resting. The weather reminds the poet of his childhood day. In his thoughts she could see herself near the old hall door in her father’s house where she once lived.

In the third stanza, the poet is looking at the sweet blue mist, surrounding the mountain chain.

In the fourth stanza, the poet compares thick damp on the green as morning tears. She can smell the scent of the rain soaked earth which again reminds her of the past years of her childhood.

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