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Self Improvement

Education extends beyond facts. Groww Academy cultivates practical application, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills through in-depth subject mastery.

Knowledge Grooming

Groww Academy emphasizes English, Math, and Computer for communication, problem-solving, and technical skills while encouraging diverse subject exploration.

Complete Study Material

We offer free, well-researched study materials and regular questionnaires to boost student confidence and knowledge for exams, pre, during, and post.

Why Groww Academy?

Our children are the best assets that we have got in our life. Their future establishment must
be our focus of concern.

Immersive Learning Experience

To compete in this fast-growing world, needs in depth subject knowledge that cannot be achieved without the care of individual subject teaching. Our key features include Chapter Analysis-Chapter-wise preparatory ques'ons-Chapter-wise examina'on-Developing subject skills-Monthly assessment

Expert Guidance

Our highly educated, experienced, professional subject teachers are readily willing to deliver their knowledge to the budding talents.

Access to Resources

Groww Academy provides the students individual subject teaching at a very affordable cost. Study Material for all the respective subjects are provided 'me to 'me at zero cost.

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Career Goal

Experience immersive English classes. Create a language-rich environment for accelerated learning. 
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Our Services

School Curriculum


Special focus on Grammar - Developing writing skill - Building Vocabulary - Chapter wise detailed reading of texts - Chapter analysis - Solving text based questions for better understanding the lesson - Practice Sessions - Regular and Monthly Tests - Doubt Clearance classes


Chapter wise detailed Study and demonstration - Chapter analysis - Solving text based questions for better understanding the lesson - Referenced from the other book to build up basic Subject Skills - Competitive question solving - Regular and Monthly tests - Doubt Clearance Classes


Chapter wise detailed discussion - Chapter analysis - Solving Mathematical problems from books for better understanding the lesson - Special focus on Numeracy Skill Development - Easy Numeracy tricks -Competitive Math - Regular and Monthly tests - Doubt Clearance Classes

English Literature Studies


English Minor (General) / Compulsory / Alternative Communicative / IDC


Efficient guidance - Chapter wise through study - Complete study material - Monthly preparatory tests - Cost Effective

Career Development Courses

Spoken English

Develop your English communication with people and for the Real World.

Communicative English

Communicative English is a course aimed at improving students' speaking, listening, reading ad writing skills in English.

Vedic Math

Vedic Math or Vedic Mathematics is a collection of Methods or Sutras to solve numerical computations quickly and faster

English ANd Math Olympad

Olympiad Exam is a competitive exam class from I to XII at the national and international level.

Competitive English, Math and reasoning

Prepare yourself for all types of Central and State Level Govt. Exam.

Job ready Coruses

Prepare Yourself for Private Sector jobs. 100% Assistance.

Study Materials

Class and Study Wise Materials


By George Eliot A Brief Storyline of the Novel Dorothea Brooke is a bright, religious girl from a “good family.” Orphans, she and her sister Celia live with their unmarried uncle Mr. Brooke at Tipton...

Shall I Compare thee to a Summer’s Day (Sonnet-18)

By William Shakespeare Line to line Analysis Line-1             Thee: probably earl of Southampton or earl of Pembroke of whom Shakespeare was...

The Inchcape Rock

By Robert Southey Meanings Substance of the Poem: The sea was calm and the ship sailed peacefully. The waves moved gently and there was no impact on the Inchcape rock. It was the good old abbot of...

The Vagabond

By Robert Louis Stevenson Meaning of some Important Phrase / words: Substance of the Poem: Robert Louis Stevenson’s poem “The Vagabond” celebrates the glorious freedom and...

An April Day

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Explanation: Substance of the Poem: The poet loves a spring day when the woods are full of new blossoms and there is no rumbling of dark clouds in the sky. The poet further...


By Ralph Waldo Emerson Explanation: Substance of the poem Fable” is a poem written by Ralph Waldo Emerson A “fable” is a short tale to teach a lesson. A “prig” is someone...

Mild the Mist upon the Hill

By Emily Jane Bronte Explanations: Substance of the poem: In the poem, ‘Mild the mist upon the hill’, Emily Bronte strikingly defines the surrounding scenery as she watches on the cloudy evening...


By John Clare Explanations: Substance of the poem: In this poem the poet brilliantly depicts the season of autumn. The poet loves this season as strong wind blows all day and shakes the casement and...

The Rover

By Aphra Behn Restoration Comedy Broadly Refers to English Comedies Written and Performed in the Restoration period from 1660 to 1710 Restoration Comedy broadly refers to English comedies written and...


Meet Our Certified Trainers in Kolkata

Arpan Bera. B.Tech., B.Sc. (Math)

Arpan Bera. B.Tech., B.Sc. (Math)

Mathematics Faculty
8+ years of experience, Ranker in Math's Olympiad, an expert in Vedic and Competitive Math
Prabaditya Mallik, M.A, ELT

Prabaditya Mallik, M.A, ELT

Academic Head and English Faculty
English language Expert, Academy Founder, 18+ Yrs Exp, Author, English Teaching Expert (Competitive & Communicative), Former Corporate & Accent Trainer
Mr. Promod Swain

Mr. Promod Swain

Computer Faculty
8+ years of experience, Professional developer, Expert in AI and Robotics

Contact – 9874344632
Email address –
Registered address -271/3/4 Sahid Hemanta Kumar Bose Sarani Kolkata -74
Classroom address -1, Swamiji Sarani Goala Bagan Kolkata 48

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Our Student reviews

August 24, 2023
I have been studying in this institute for 6 years and in my opinion the way of teaching here is very food and the gesture of the teacher is quite good as well
Minakshi chowdhury
Minakshi chowdhury
July 5, 2023
Ayushman Chatterjee
Ayushman Chatterjee
April 11, 2023
Chandrima Dey
Chandrima Dey
August 23, 2022
Soumita Mukherjee
Soumita Mukherjee
May 10, 2022
Ananya Saha
Ananya Saha
May 9, 2022
Pritam saha
Pritam saha
May 9, 2022
Rakhi Samaddar
Rakhi Samaddar
May 9, 2022
For me it's a nice comfort course...

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