An April Day

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


  1. Warm Sun: hot Sun/ the heat of the Sun
  2. Seed time and harvest: the time of cultivation
  3. ‘T is: It is
  4. Still Wood: silent forest
  5. The first flower of the plain: the woods are full of new blossoms
  6. Glades: An open space in a forest
  7. Teeming with bright forms: full of bright sunbeams
  8. Many-folded clouds: clouds full of cluster or dark clouds
  9. Foretell: predict
  10. Coming-on: move rapidly
  11. Storms: A violent weather condition of strong winds, rain, hail, thunder, lightning, blowing sand, snow, etc.
  12. Loosened mould: untied soil
  13. Sapling draws its sustenance: A young tree sucks food from the soil
  14. Thrives: grow well
  15. Stricken to the heart with winter’s cold: suffered from acute cold in the winter season
  16. The drooping tree revives: the half dead tree comes to life again
  17. Glance quick: sight of the swift moving birds can be seen
  18. Softly-warbled: singing in various tone
  19. Sunset: the daily disappearance of the sun below the horizon
  20. Silver Wood: forest filled with moon light seems to look silver
  21. Green slope: slope of a hill full of greenery
  22. Hollows of the hills: valleys
  23. Wide the upland glows: the upper part of the hill glows when moon beam falls on it

Substance of the Poem:

The poet loves a spring day when the woods are full of new blossoms and there is no rumbling of dark clouds in the sky. The poet further informs us that the tree, suffering from acute chill, comes into life again with the advent of spring. The tree draws its food from the loose soil of earth and thrives. The poet also mentions some of colorful birds in the poem who come out from the forest and fill the atmosphere with their sweet song. At the last stanza he describes the nature after the sunset when bright moon light fills the upper side of the hill leaving the valleys dark. The poem salutes the arrival of the spring in its varied forms and expresses the joy of the landscape as April comes.

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