Who we are ?

Our children are the best assets that we have got in our life. Their future establishment must be our focus of concern. To compete in this fast growing world they need in depth subject knowledge that cannot be achieved without individual subject teaching. With the view of the above Groww Academy provides her students’ individual subject teaching at a very affordable cost. Our highly educated, experienced, professional subject teachers are readily willing to deliver their knowledge to the budding talents.

Key features :

  • Chapter analysis
  • Chapter-wise preparatory questions
  • Chapter-wise examination
  • Developing subject skills

Special features :

  • Regular 10 Minutes assessment on previous day topic
  • Mid and End Month Exam.

Student counselling is conducted at time to time.

Your Career Potential with Our Proven Strategies

Join Groww Academy to boost up your future endeavours with our long ridden experience and strategies. 

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